Miramichi Literary Proposal

Sat, 08/12/2017 - 14:33 -- SandraBunting
Our project is one of the finalists. Please vote for us at City Hall. Mirtech or the Ecocenter

Project Name: Miramichi Literary Trail

Submitted by: Judy Bowman/Sandra Bunting

Location of Project: Miramichi

Amount requested: $6756.14

Project Description: The Miramichi is renowned for its natural beauty, the friendliness of its people and outdoor recreation activities along the river. However, it is becoming more and more acknowledged as an arts destination. Hand and hand with the popular festivals it hosts, there are flourishing visual art groups, theatre companies and excellent musicians, all expressing an incomparable Miramichi style. Indeed this city has been cited as among the top arts towns across Canada in an Expedia travel blog. (article in from Miramichi Leader, May 24, 2017).

Miramichi has always had a thriving literary presence, although it has not yet been promoted as highly as other forms of artistic expression. The rest of Canada, and indeed the world knows, values and benefits from the vision of Miramichi writers such as Giller and Governor General’s Award for fiction, David Adams Richards, poet Doug Underhill, short story writer Ray Fraser, young adult fiction Valerie Sherrard and Chuck Bowie, who writes thrillers and a has a forthcoming Miramichi cosy mystery series.

It is therefore our idea (Words on Water) to work in conjunction with the city to design a Miramichi Literary trail, a visual representation of our writing heritage. It would expose visitors and Miramichiers alike to quotes that would either be reflective of some aspect of life on the Miramichi or its environment. How will this project benefit the community at large: People as a whole are lifted by the arts. Writers in particular capture a period of time, a people, and then give it back to the community as a gift. It may be the beauty or cruelty of Nature. It may be a portrayal of harsh times or unique ways of interaction and use of language we have here on the Miramichi. In a time of Globalization, it is refreshing to find something unique. We all know that we have something special here on the Miramichi. Through our writers, we are showing our community to the world and to ourselves.

We have living treasures in our midst in the form of our authors and poets, We should shout out that we are proud they are from the Miramichi! Words on Water Miramichi has been in touch with Suzanne Watters from the Recreation Department about the placement of the trail and she has mentioned several sites that might be suitable. However, final decision would be subject to approval from the city and council. Words on Water was also in touch with the Miramichi Regional Tourism Association (MRTA) to discuss the project and to obtain feedback from a Tourism point of view. This would be a one off project. However, more writers could be added at a later date, perhaps sponsored by local businesses. Words on Water would also have a large part to play in the promotion of the trail by hosting festivals, readings, workshops and by encouraging emerging Miramichi writers to read the talent that is there and to develop their skills. 

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